Welcome to Liveshots Videography!

Are you a performer, journalist, lecturer or sports manager who has a taste for high quality video and audio production? You have come to the right place :)

To keep the audience’s eyes interested in your video, we film with between 2-4 Ultra-HD Panasonic and Sony cameras, wide angle and zoom lenses. This allows multi-angle video editing; switching between a combination of full stage scenes, roaming close-ups, and special audience moments. Combined with 4k editing tricks and colour treatments, we can present you and your viewers with a far superior scene than a camera-phone in the audience area.


Choreographed Music Videos

Have you finished your studio recordings and want to add an entertaining promotional video for video broadcast? Del is well known for real-action in both photography and video for the love of capturing the moment with no artificial elements.

Tuto Marcondes joined the LiveShots team in 2020, with more of a flair for choreography in dramatised video scenes and techniques. Discuss your visualisation of the theme and location with Tuto or Del, then we can cross ideas to achieve your video according to your budget and our joint resources. We have not done this together yet thanks to Covid restrictions, so that means our first customer will get a massive discount! Once the proof of quality is 'in the pudding' and on your video channel, the minimum price to others is going to rise.

Contact us now with a brief of your ideas and approximate budget, and we will get on the case straight away. Don’t be customer #2, you may be charged double!