Welcome to Liveshots; Exhibition Video/Audio/Photo Production!

Are you a performer, journalist, lecturer or sports manager who has a taste for high quality video and audio production? You have come to the right team - the multimedia crew customised to your needs :)

Video Production Tools

To keep the audience’s eyes interested in your video, we film live events with between 2-to-5 4K resolution Panasonic Lumix cameras, using both wide angle and zoom lenses. This allows multi-angle video editing; switching between a combination of full stage scenes, roaming close-ups with a 'gimbal' camera stabilizer, and special audience moments. Combined with 4k editing tricks and colour treatments, we can present you and your viewers with a far superior scene than a camera-phone in the audience area.

Choreographed Music Videos

Have you finished your studio recordings and want to add an entertaining promotional video for video broadcast? Del is well known for real action in both photography and video for the love of capturing the genuine moment with no artificial elements. Wayne Cee Smith joined the Liveshots team in 2022 as 'Creative Director', with more of a flair for choreography in dramatised video scenes and techniques.

Contact us now with a description of your ideas and approximate budget, and we will get on the case straight away.

Co-videographer & Sound engineer Darek Pietryk has now invested in a drone camera to offer some dramatic outdoor footage to the menu. Discuss your visualisation of the theme and location with Del, Wayne or Darek, then we can cross ideas to achieve your video according to your budget and our joint resources.

The 'Barmy Park' video below was filmed by Del & Wayne in a Southampton factory arranged by the band and given the murky blue & orange colour style to suit the location and music style. It includes short clips from east London and given a broken down look with various damage filters and old-fashion colour themes. These extra footage clips, shot in a different place, is what is known as 'B-Roll'. The purpose is to visually represent the theme of the song and increase the viewer's interest. Adding B-Roll will increase your project cost, depending on where we go and if we hire actors. Consider drama students for low-cost acting.

Pricing? Please Read On...

The starting price for a choreographed production is £180 for something simple in a cost-free, and close to home location, like a single person miming to a recording in a Southampton park. This is likely to be filmed by Del alone, using multiple takes in different positions ⁄ angles to mix up for variety in the edit. If you want to start getting creative and dramatic, I can bring in an experienced creative director to plan the choreography script, choose a location suiting the theme of the song, hire in some 'extras' for background acting, and direct the band's activity on camera. Costs beyond that option could be anything like hiring a venue to re-enact a gig with your fans coming along to act as dancers, mosh pit or crowd-surfing.

Recording studio re-enactment with more dramatic behaviour is another popular low-cost theme. The filming would be done after the recording is down, so that you can move around with more showmanship, and the cameras won’t put you off your true recording. Additional pricing will come from hiring a special location and any extra actors/dancers, or it could be done outdoors in public like the Verve's famous 'Bitter Sweet Symphony'.

The complication with public street filming is that according to the 'Human Rights Act 1998'; if a stranger's face appears in the frame, we need their consent to involve them in the broadcast edit. That's why you see so many blurred faces in 'reality TV shows' - particularly police activity.

Direction For Dramatization

When there is acting involved in a creative video shoot, rather than a natural live event, it is a great benefit to have a director managing the dramatics. Good camerawork involves a lot of concentration, and the director's role is to feed you, and the potential actors, ideas for how to liven up your on-camera behaviour without having to manage the camera/lighting/audio equipment at the same time.

If you have an artistic minded friend with experience in videography, you are welcome to bring them in for the director task. If not, I sub-contract Wayne on request and I have solid faith in his ability to make your ideas a reality.

Del would only take on the multitasking of direction and camera operation if your perceived idea is a very simple one, and you are confident in characteristic acting without going over the top - the balance between dull and foolish. You must understand that this one-man multitasking will not produce the best results and should only be opted for as a last resort. There may not even be that much money saved, as the filming will take longer if I'm repeatedly losing control of the camera to come and suggest changes to your activity.